Socrative, Effective Free App

The best educational software now operates entirely online, and doesn’t try to do too much.

Socrative, a dynamic -response system that allows teachers to quiz and poll students through virtually any device, nicely demonstrates that there is beauty in simplicity.

This is one platform that delivers on its promise: “Our apps are super simple and take seconds to login.”

It’s true. It took me under a minute to navigate.

I love how teachers can so easily create multiple choice, true/false and short-answer quizzes.

I love that users don’t need to download any software, eliminating the need to rely upon information technology.

I love how students can access Socrative on multiple platforms, and that navigation remains consistent throughout.

I love that students don’t have to register their names to get going, providing extra privacy protection.

I love that Socrative doesn’t pitch its product as an ideal replacement for traditional forms of assessment, but rather as a quick and efficient way to gauge student understanding.

Most of all, I love that Socrative is 100% free—though I’m not sure for how much longer. Even still, I can’t imagine many having an issue paying a nominal fee to access this service.

For better or worse, classroom-teacher-centered software will not survive or remain relevant for much longer—especially as distance learning and massive open online courses become increasingly popular. The future of educational technology belongs to free online services like ePals, as well as like-minded platforms that promote student-driven learning.

But for now at least, I’m more than happy to support Socrative.

As a coach, history and journalism teacher at Brimmer and May, a wonderful independent school in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, I have the absolute best job in the world. I am thrilled to get up every morning to engage with interesting young people, and I'm equally fortunate to have such amazing colleagues and mentors. As the founder of Spin Education, I encourage you to check-in frequently and submit posts and lessons—all in an effort to better our practice as teachers.

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