Learn How To Videocast

It’s so easy to produce a quality videocast, and more and more teachers are doing it to make themselves more (virtually) available. All you need is basic quicktime and a decent computer. In this short tutorial, I take you through some pretty basic steps to get you off and running. Just make sure that you have a subscription to YouTube or Vimeo to host your content. Once uploaded, you can send the link to your students via e-mail, or even write them down on your assignment sheet. As flipping classrooms becomes more and more popular, this will be an increasingly important skill to master. But for beginners, it’s virtually impossible to go wrong with Quicktime.

As a coach, history and journalism teacher at Brimmer and May, a wonderful independent school in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, I have the absolute best job in the world. I am thrilled to get up every morning to engage with interesting young people, and I'm equally fortunate to have such amazing colleagues and mentors. As the founder of Spin Education, I encourage you to check-in frequently and submit posts and lessons—all in an effort to better our practice as teachers.

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