iStudiez Helps Students Get Organized

Fading away are the days of a written agenda. iStudiez, an organizational app probably geared more toward college students, can be exceptionally helpful for high school students.

iStudiez can integrate the iPhone calendar and combine it with assignments that are due for classes. It also allows for notifications the day before assignments are due.

This app works on all iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad) as well as on the Mac computer—allowing for a synced calendar in all locations.

The user of the app can also keep track of their GPA for each class in each semester.

In iStudiez, there is a section dedicated to contact information for instructors, containing e-mail addresses, phone numbers, office hours, and more.

As an extremely busy high school student, iStudiez does a great job of ensuring that I don’t let an upcoming assignment slip my mind. It even has daunting red flags on the calendar to indicate an upcoming test day.

Combined with effective syncing note-taking technology (such as Evernote), iStudiez can help make the most efficient “Student 2.0.”

It is exceptionally integrated with the iPhone (pressing the phone number makes a phone call, pressing the e-mail address opens the Mail client), so it is a seamless experience.

And don’t worry about losing information—iStudiez allows you the opportunity to back up all of your information to your email address and with the associated Cloud Sync.

iStudiez is aimed toward students, but it is not limited to that group. It can be utilized by teachers keeping track of their own courses or by parents striving to keep their children organized.

Writing down assignments in an agenda is outdated. There is no better way to increase productivity of students than with a notification in between a text message and a Snapchat.

iStudiez Pro is available on the Mac App Store for $9.99 and on the iPhone App Store for $2.99.

I am a student at the Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. I have a burning passion for sports and music.

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